BrazilIn 2009, a group of jewelers and gemologists from the United States traveled into the heart of Brazil to find high quality green emeralds. On the 7th day of their journey, after 8 flights covering 13,000 miles and another 2,600 miles on winding, curving roads and horse trails through the mountains and valleys, yellow emeralds were revealed.

Yellow Emeralds™ are exactly the same species as green emerald (beryl). Most green emeralds have inclusions which are very obvious and can be oiled to enhance their appearance.  Yellow Emeralds™ are never oiled and their rich yellow golden color will never change.

Yellow and   Green Emeralds

Yellow Emeralds™ will enter the market at approximately 1/10th of the cost of a green emerald. Ranging in price from $100 - $150 per carat, these gems are affordable and currently even less than lab grown green emeralds. With only one mine supplying these Yellow Emeralds™ though, the price will escalate quickly based on supply and demand once gemstone enthusiasts are aware of these brilliant yellow gemstones which appear to glow like the sun.

Be one of the first to own a Yellow Emerald™, a rare gem which is durable, brilliant and unique that only a small percentage of people will ever get to own. If it is more convenient, we will send one to your local jeweler at no cost for your review.  Most jewelers have not heard of Yellow Emeralds™, so please give your local jeweler our contact information so that they can discover the beauty and brilliance of Yellow Emeralds™ for themselves.